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Where are Paranapanema shares Paranapanema traded?
Paranapanema is listed on the Novo Mercado of BM&FBovespa with ticker PMAM3.
What are the rights of Paranapanema shares?
Pursuant to the Company’s Bylaws, each share is entitled to one (1) vote in the General Assembly deliberations and 100% tag along.
How and where Paranapanema discloses its information?

All documents disclosed to the market by Paranapanema are published via IPE system simultaneously on CVM and BM&FBovespa websites, in addition to the Investor Relations page on the Company’s website. After the disclosure, e-mails are also sent to the registered mailing (click here to sign up – LINK). The annual financial statements are published in the newspapers Diário Oficial do Estado da Bahia and Folha de São Paulo, in addition to electronic channels before mentioned.

How to invest in shares?
The purchase or sale of shares can only be made through a Stock Broker that mediates the purchase and sale of shares on the Stock Exchange. The investor can trade using the Internet by the “homebroker” service of its brokerage house. Additional information is available at the BM&FBovespa website.
How do I access the shareholders service?
Shareholder service to shareholders is held by the Investor Relations Department.
Queries and doubts regarding the custody of shares can be directed to Banco Bradesco, custody agent of the shares issued by Paranapanema, through the branch network distributed in the country, the Internet (for account holders of Banco Bradesco), or via toll free service to shareholders 0800-701 16 16.
Investor Relations
Phone +55 11 2199-7914 / 7845
Rua Felipe Camarão, 500 Bairro Utinga – Santo André – SP – Brazil 09220-580